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How You Can Help

Our goal is to eliminate the category of NHL from the way lymphomas are listed so the global community will adopt lymphoma subtype identification and tracking. 

This will ensure:

  •  Patients are more informed and active in their care and will advocate for subtype information from their doctor
  •  Healthcare professionals become diligent in informing patients about their subtype

Are you a patient?

The Lymphoma Coalition believes patients need to know their subtype so they can receive the best treatment. However, numerous patient organisations around the world have reported that patients aren’t told their subtype by their healthcare professional. Instead, they’re told they have NHL or lymphoma in general. 

          1. Ask your healthcare provider to specify which subtype you have.
          Share this website with your healthcare team and explain the importance of distinguishing between the 60-plus different subtypes of lymphoma.

          2. Join the conversation on your social media sites, using #knowyoursubtype and encourage others to get involved.

The more awareness we create together, the more patients will be informed and active in their care.


Are you a healthcare provider or patient support group?

1. Update your organisation’s website to prioritize subtypes over NHL. We encourage all healthcare and lymphoma patient support groups to list subtypes under the heading of “Lymphomas” instead of NHL. You can find lymphoma subtypes here.

When listing lymphoma subtypes on your website, consider adding “Formerly classified as NHL” so the information is clear and easily found. Recommended subtype headings are:

  • Hodgkin
  • T-Cell
  • B-Cell lymphomas
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL)

2. Help spread the word about the Know Your Subtype campaign. 

  • Talk to your colleagues about their role in making sure patients with lymphoma know their subtype.
  • Encourage other healthcare professionals to print and display the “know your subtype” poster we’ve provided on this website. 
  • Ask healthcare alliances to join the conversation on social media, using #knowyoursubtypes.
  • Send an email to healthcare associations and let them know how they can get involved.

Help us encourage the global healthcare community become more diligent in informing patients about their subtype by using and sharing our campaign materials.


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